Barthomley Action Group



  1. Name

The name of the group will be Barthomley Action Group (BAG)


      2.   Mission Statement

Barthomley Action Group require Cheshire East Council not to adopt any of the South East Crewe proposals.


  •         Aims

Barthomley Action Group is an independent group and is not affiliated to any political group or to any other organisation and has been formed to carry out the mission statement.


  1.          Membership

The Barthomley Action Group is open to all interested parties.  In the interest of confidentiality, the committee reserve the right and, at their discretion, to exclude any individual or group without prior notice.  The committee may also make rules governing the admission and exclusion of members.


Where a member is not an individual, it may appoint an individual to represent it at meetings.


The first members shall be the first committee members (see section 6).


The committee shall cause a list of members to be maintained, which shall be open to inspection by any member.


  1.        .  Equal Opportunities

Members of the action group must actively seek to represent the needs of the whole community and must not discriminate on grounds of nationality, race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, political belief or disability.

The action group are opposed to discrimination in any form.



  1.          The Committee

Barthomley Action Group is managed by a committee of volunteers that include a chairperson, vice-chairperson, secretary and treasurer.

Members of the action group are free to put themselves forward for roles within the committee.

The first members of the committee shall be Tom Wilde, Gary Parkes, Rob Phipps, Viv Belcher, Darren Platt, Clare Horrocks,  Simon Gresty, Len Griffin, Graham Bushill, Jane Platt, Emma Parkes, Roger Belcher, Chrisoula SirigouRuth Wilde Thereafter the committee shall number no fewer than five (however these limits may be amended by a vote in a general meeting).  They shall remain members of the committee until the next following annual general meeting, at which they shall retire but may be re-elected.



The committee shall have full power to govern the Barthomley Action Group, save that it may not act contrary to any resolutions made by the members in a general meeting.


Officers and committee members may be paid expenses at the committee’s discretion, but shall not be otherwise remunerated.


The committee may pass written resolutions outside meetings; however resolutions passed in this manner require the unanimous agreement of committee members.


The committee may delegate any of its powers to sub-committees consisting of such persons as it thinks fit; any sub-committee so formed shall conform to any regulations that may be imposed on it by the committee and shall report all acts and proceedings to the committee as soon as is reasonably practicable.  Subject to any directions that the committee may give, it shall be subject to the same rules of procedure as the committee is (save that it may not co-opt members and its quorum shall be half its members).


  1.          Meetings

All general meeting dates of the Barthomley Action Group will be publicised in advance through the BAG website and all are welcome.


Committee meetings will be held as required. Minutes will be taken and information will be passed back to general meetings through the chairperson.


There shall be an annual general meeting, at which the following matters shall be proceeded with:


  • Election of committee members

  • Presentation of accounts for the preceding year.


Twenty-one days’ notice of the annual general meeting shall be given to all members at their last known address or last known e-mail address; however the inadvertent failure to give notice shall not invalidate proceedings.


No matter shall be proceeded with at the annual general meeting or on any matter on which the membership is entitled to vote, unless fourteen days’ notice has been given of it to the Barthomley Action Group.  Details of how this notice may be given shall be sent to members with the notice of the meeting, and/or posted on the Barthomley Action Group’s website.  However, amendments and riders to resolutions may be proposed at any time until a vote is taken on the substantive matter.


Election of committee members, where contested, shall be done by secret ballot.  Nominations for membership of the committee must be (a) made by the outgoing committee before the Annual General Meeting, or (b) given to the Barthomley Action Group, in the same manner as described in the preceding paragraph, no later than 14 days before the Annual General Meeting.


The committee shall make rules to govern the method of voting in elections.  These rules shall be made before the Barthomley Action Group’s first annual general meeting, and may be amended by the committee thereafter.


Voting on any other matter, whether in committee meeting or general meeting, shall take place by a show of hands; however in a committee meeting any member of the committee may require the votes of each member to be recorded and minuted, and in a general meeting any person entitled to vote may demand that the vote take place by secret ballot, at any time until immediately after the result of the show of hands is announced.


In the case of an equality of votes the matter under discussion shall not be proceeded with.



  •        Quorum and proceedings in meetings

No committee meeting will take place with fewer than 5 committee members present.


The chairperson shall chair all meetings, or in his absence the vice-chairperson.  In the absence of both the chairperson and the vice-chairperson any other committee member may call the meeting to order for the sole purpose of electing someone to chair the meeting, following which the person elected shall chair that meeting.


The secretary shall cause minutes of all meetings to be taken, approved by the person chairing the meeting, and presented to the next committee meeting or general meeting (as the case may be).



      9.  Finance

All expenditure raised by or on behalf of Barthomley Action Group shall be applied to further the aims of the action group and for no other purpose.


The treasurer shall keep proper account of all income and expenditure of the action group and shall open a bank account in the name of the action group.


The accounts shall be verified at least once a year by an independent examiner to the group.  The independent examiner shall be appointed by the committee, and shall report to the committee as to whether in his opinion proper accounting records have been kept, and whether in his opinion the accounts agree with these accounting records.  He shall also confirm whether or not any matter has been brought to his attention about which, in the interests of good governance, the committee ought to know.  The independent examiner’s report shall be attached to the accounts and presented with them to the members at the annual general meeting.


The treasurer shall make accounts available for any member for verification.


Three cheque signatories shall be nominated by the committee - any two to sign cheques; none to be from the same household or related.


Any expenditure over £20 shall be authorised by the committee at the meetings.


The committee shall not have power to borrow money, save by unanimous agreement, and in the event of a deficiency of funds the committee members shall be liable to repay any borrowed money in preference to the members.


  1.        Dissolution

The group may only be dissolved at a special general meeting called for that purpose.

At least 51% of the members present at the special general meeting must agree to dissolution. Any funds and possessions shall be donated to Barthomley Parish Council subject to any refunds the committee feel are appropriate at the time.


  1.        Standing orders

Members of the action group shall conduct themselves in a reasonable manner at meetings.


Members shall be excluded if they contravene the aims of the group, use abusive language and/or violent behaviour.


The committee may make further standing orders, subject to any resolutions of the membership.



            Any resolution for the alteration of the constitution must be received by

Barthomley Action Group (in like manner as described in section 7) not less than 28 days before the meeting at which the resolution is to be brought forward. Not less than 21 days notice shall be given to the members that the meeting discussing the resolution is to take place.  On receiving notice of such resolution, the committee shall call a meeting to consider the matter within 45 days.


13        Governing law

This constitution shall be governed by English law.








17th January 2013